Banja Luka to Dubrovnik

Travel by Car: The driving distance between Banja Luka and Dubrovnik is about 370 km and travelling time is 5 hours and 15 minutes. The route goes via Mostar (road M16). Travelling time in summer season can be much longer, as there is lots of traffic on the road and border crossing.

Travel by Bus: There are buses via Mostar between Banja Luka to Dubrovnik.

Alternative ways of travelling from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik:

Travel by train: Travelling by train is possible only in combination with a bus. From Banja Luka via Sarajevo there is a train to Ploce, from where you have buses to Dubrovnik, from a time perspective this trip takes much longer than travelling by bus or car.

Travel by plane: There is no direct flight.

Map with buses from Banja Luka:

Prikaži Bus Banja Luka na većoj karti