Bus station Tuzla

Bus station Tuzla was open in 1970. At that time it was one of the most modern bus stations in the former Yugoslavia. The station has a total of 12 platforms and within the station passengers have access to catering facilities, waiting room, dressing room, bank and kiosks with newspapers. The bus station also provides passengers and users of bus station services a free Internet access. Tuzla is daily connected with all medium and large cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as major cities in Croatia and Serbia. There are also weekly lines to Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Inside the bus station a display is set up that provides information to passengers on bus departures.

Next to the bus station there is parking for cars at a cost of 2 KM per hour for the first two hours, and each subsequent hour at a cost of 1 KM.

Inside the station there is a cloakroom where passengers can leave their suitcases at a price of 2 KM up to 2 hours, and every next hour at a cost of 0.5 KM. For bags storage for up to 24 hours the price is 7 KM. In the cloakroom you can also leave technical goods and bulky luggage, but then the price is a little higher.

Bus station Tuzla contact info

Address: Bosne Srebrene 60, Tuzla
Telephone: +387 35 320-300

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